Oral Enhancers

Our oral enhancers make giving and receiving cunnilingus and fellatio even better for both spouses.

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  • GoodHead - Oral Delight Spray - Liquid Mint

    Oral Delight Spray

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  • Passion Spearmint Sensitizer Gel

    Passion Spearmint Sensitizer Gel

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  • Tasty Twist Oral-Gasm Enhancer

    Tasty Twist Oral-Gasm Enhancer

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  • GoodHead - the Ultimate Blow Job - Multi 5-Pack

    GoodHead – Multi 5-Pack

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  • Goodhead Oral Delight Gel

    Goodhead Oral Delight Gel

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  • Oralove Delicious Duo

    Oralove Delicious Duo

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  • Oralove Arousal Balm

    Oralove Arousal Balm

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Showing all 7 results