All Night Love Affair


The All Night Love Affair Adult Game is a fun way to spice up foreplay. Spouses take turns rolling the die and performing the acts on the card they draw. Learn more about All Night Love Affair below.


How to Play the All Night Love Affair Adult Game

Spouses take turns rolling the die. The rolling spouse must draw a card from the corresponding card pile and follow the instructions on the card. Once complete, the card is returned to the bottom of the deck. If a spouse rolls a “?”, he or she can choose a card from any of the three card categories. However, if within your first 5 rolls a player rolls a “Love Affair,” you must not draw a card and the spouse must roll again. The Same rule applies on the “?” – Love Affair cards are off limits until the rolling spouse has rolled no less than 5 rolls. The first spouse to roll a Love Affair, after more than 5 rolls, wins the game and gets to draw a card from the Love Affair card pile.

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