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The Nookii Adult Board Game lets you play your way around your spouse's body in three different ways, enjoying a variety of increasingly intimate actions. It's a great addition to foreplay. Learn more about the Nookii game below.

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Nookii is a best-selling adult board game that lets you play your way around your spouse’s body in three different ways, performing a variety of increasingly intimate actions. This game is great for adding variety to foreplay!

How to play Nookii

Nookii includes three tiers of intensity playing cards. The Mmm cards are a gently warm-up based around touching and teasing. The Ooh cards have mini role-play scenarios, and the Aah cards are for bringing on the finale. To play the game, pick a card from the Mmm, Ooh, or Aah deck and roll the dice. Add up the number and perform the action on the card you pulled for that many minutes. When you’re done, give your spouse a turn.

This game includes dice, playing cards, timer, do not disturb door sign, and a silky scarf.

Nookii Features

  • Contains 90 cards for him and her, timer, 2 dice, sheer scarf, do not disturb sign and instructions
  • 3 levels of cards (Mmm, Ooh, and Aah) build anticipation during play
  • Gameplay approximately 30 minutes for a lingering sexual prelude
  • Everything you need to play included in the set

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