Dona Scented Massage Candle


The Dona Scented Massage Candle releases indulgent aromas and melts into luxurious, non-greasy massage wax. Learn more about the Dona Scented Massage Candle below.

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The Dona Scented Massage Candle will leave you melting under the touch of your spouse. This 4.75oz soy candle has a fragrant blend of aphrodisiacs, pheromones, and irresistible aromas that melts at a very low heat into a luxurious, non-greasy massage wax. This product is made in the USA.

How to Use the Dona Scented Massage Candle in Your Marriage Bed

Light the candle and let it burn a little while to melt some of the wax. Once some of the wax has melted, pour a little onto your spouse and give him or her a sensual massage.

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