Monogamy A Hot Affair With Your Partner Adult Game


Rediscover why you and your spouse fell for each other with the Monogamy Adult Board Game. This game is all about communication and discovering things about your spouse. Monogamy includes 390 ideas and action at three progressive levels; intimate, passionate, and steamy. Learn more about the Monogamy Adult Board Game below.

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The Monogamy A Hot Affair With Your Partner Adult Board Game is a great addition to foreplay to help things progress through the night. The game begins with a focus on communication and progresses through touching, stroking, and hot and steamy actions to finish the night.

What are some of the examples of Monogamy A Hot Affair With Your Partner Cards?

  • What did you do that really impressed you, either in or out of the bedroom?
  • Remember a moment when you were proud of your spouse. Tell him/her how it made you feel.
  • What is it about your spouse’s personality that first attracted you to him/her?
  • Explain in detail exactly how you like oral sex to be performed.



Monogamy has been devised for two spouses who wish to have fun and enjoy an intimate liaison with each other. As the game progresses you will experience hilarious conversations and exciting invitations whilst learning more about each other’s minds and bodies and discovering what really lights your spouse’s fire!

So dim the lights, switch off the phone and get ready to play the hottest game ever!

How to Play

Each player aims to go around the board six times becoming progressively more intimate – twice at the intimate pink level, twice at the passionate purple level and twice at the steamy red level.

Every time you pass “GO” you should place a colored ring on your counter in the following order – pink, pink, purple, purple, red red. This will help you remember which level you’re on.

You must also pick up a Fantasy card every time you pass “GO”.

Fantasy Cards

You can only ever hold two Fantasy Cards, so you must discard one after you pass “GO” for the third time and each time thereafter. The winner is the first to complete six rounds, two pink, two purple and two red. He/she can choose which of their two remaining Fantasy Cards to play by reading the card to their spouse – that’s when the fantasy becomes reality.


Start by positioning your two empty counters on the “GO” square.

To decide who starts first, look longingly into each other’s eyes. The last one to blink throws first!

Place a pink ring on your counter to remind you that you are on the pink level and then roll the dice. Move the number shown on the dice and carry out the action represented by the picture on the square – these actions are explained later.

When you land on a Monogamy square pick up the Monogamy card corresponding to the level you are on. The person who lands on the square reads out and answers the question or carries out the action
under their gender heading.

  • Intimate Pink Level – Listen, laugh and learn as you reveal more about you and your partner. The start of your affair…
  • Passionate Purple Level – More touching, stroking and saucy conversations entwined with exciting sensuous actions.
  • Steamy Red Level – Hot, hot ,hot. Steamy actions and scenarios to take you to the brink and leave you longing for the final fantasy.

Some of the Monogamy questions have a “T” branded in gold on the heart. These are “Treats” – special actions that you carry out over the coming days and weeks to help keep that extra special feeling of closeness long after the game finishes.

If you land on a Plain Heart it is up to your imagination! You can use it to change the music, top up the drinks or just to cool down! The glass (drink) simply allows you to take a well-earned drink, whilst the Shoe (strip) instructs you to take an item of clothing off. This can be done either by yourself or your spouse in any way you wish.

Other Ways to Play Monogamy

Although twice around at each level is recommended, you can personalize Monogamy, according to how you are both feeling.

Relighting the Fire

Build anticipation and rekindle passion by taking it slow. Agree to start by playing just the intimate (pink) level. You can decide between the two of you how many times you wish to play at this level.

Gradually move on to the passionate (purple) level – and when you both feel the time is right the whole game including the Steamy hot red! Agree in advance your strategy – you will be amazed at how restrictions increase the desire!

Fast Forward

Just go around each level once.

A Real Quickie

For when you are already in the mood and fancy a little quick and steamy sex – shuffle the fantasy cards, pick one out and act out the scenario.

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