Fuzu Roller Body Massage Glove


Massaging away fatigue and feeling revitalized is now just in the palm of your hand with the Fuzu Roller Glove Massage Ball. Learn more about the Roller Massage Ball Glove below.

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The Fuzu Glove Massager from Deeva features nine 360 degree rolling balls that contour to the body`s curves. Soothes sore muscles and provides stress and tension relief. The Fuzu Glove stimulates the entire body and can be used with or without massage lotions or oils. Separate thumb and pinky pad apply added pressure to specific areas. Rubber nubs on the inside of the glove provide additional relief and control. Fuzu Glove comes with an adjustable strap to ensure everyone will benefit from some well deserved TLC.

How to Use the Fuzu Roller Glove Massage Ball in Your Marriage Bed

Use the roller glove to give your spouse a sensual massage during foreplay that ends with a happy ending.

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