Mood Arousal Oral Enhancer Gels 3 Pack


Mood Arousal Gels – Warm, Tingle, Intensify. Finally, an arousal gel for every mood! Great for adding sensations and taste to oral or manual stimulation. Learn more about Mood Arousal Gels below.

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Mood Arousal Gels come in a 3-pack of 2 ounces containers and are absolutely perfect diverse and amazing foreplay sessions. Warm brings the heat, Tingle creates a stimulating buzz, and Intensify enhances every sensation.

Each container is even packed with its own tasty flavor; includes Warm Mint, Tingle Strawberry, and Intensify Spicy Cinnamon. All flavors are delectably lickable.

How to Use the Mood Arousal Gels 3 Pack in Your Marriage Bed

Apply a little to your spouse while giving them oral or manual stimulation for added sensations and flavoring.

Proudly made in America.

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