Screaming O Climax Cream


Screaming O Climax Cream is an all-natural cream that enhances clitoral sensations for more intense orgasms. Use this cream during foreplay or intercourse for a more pleasurable experience. Learn more about Screaming O Climax Cream below.

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Screaming O Climax Cream contains L-arginine. L-arginine is an amino acid known to boost blood flow which increases sensitivity when it’s rubbed into the clitoris. Use it during manual stimulation, cunnilingus, and intercourse to enhance sexual pleasure and increase your frequency of orgasms. It’s tasteless, odorless and easy to use. You only need a tiny drop to feel the sexy sensations.

How to Use the Screaming O Climax Cream in Your Marriage Bed

Rub a little cream over her clitoris before manual stimulation, cunnilingus, or intercourse. The cream will sensitize her clitoris by increasing blood flow and help her to orgasm sooner and more often.

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