Deck of Sex Position Cards

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This deck of cards includes 52 awesome sex positions. These sex position cards are an excellent tool for discovering new sex positions for your sexual repertoire that you and your spouse will enjoy for years to come.

Learn more about this deck of cards and how you can use it to enhance lovemaking below.


This Deck of Position Cards consists of standard, high-quality, 2.5″ x 3.5″ playing cards. A white, unmarked box is included with each set of cards for discreet storage. Each card consists of a sex position illustration on the front and a brief description of the sex position on the card’s back. Each card’s back includes a QR code that points your smartphone to a web page containing a detailed description of the position and tips for you and your spouse to enhance it.

Usage Tips

Here are fun ways to use the sex position cards adult game to enhance intimacy and add variety to lovemaking in your marriage bed.

Random Draw: Pull a random card or two or three 😉 and perform those positions during sex. This is a great way to add variety during sex, but positions that need their QR code scanned for a more thorough explanation might not work as well with this technique.

New Position Every Week: Randomly pick one card at the beginning of the week and perform that position throughout the week each time you have sex. This is an excellent way to give each position a really good try. If you try one new position per week, you’ll give all of them a shot within a year.

Tip: Separate or mark positions you or your spouse enjoy, so you have a go-to set of sex poses that are easy to find when you want them.

General Tips

A picture is not always worth a thousand words: Some of the sex positions need more explanation than an illustration can provide to be fully enjoyed. It’s amazing how a slight tilt of the pelvis or a perfectly placed pillow or wedge can enhance a pose so much. Scan the QR code on the back of the card, and you’ll be given detailed instructions on how to perform the position and tips that enhance it so you can make the best love you can make.

CFSPs’ Golden Rule: Give each position at least two or three good tries before deciding if you like it or not. Sometimes trying a new position is like learning to ride a bike. It’s awkward at first, but after a few tries, it becomes really fun.

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